First solo exhibition

Grant for young creators (Visual Art) by the state of S.L.P., México



Mexico is a country characterized by its ingenuity which is sometimes manifested by the making of copies, imitations and similar, of the most diverse articles. Playing with the idea of ​​making “copies” (appropriations) or economic versions of works of art is what in popular culture would amount to what are “plagiarism” in articles that may be commercially popular or fashionable, But for most, they would be a luxury; Since the copies or economic versions are the only way to access them. These “similar” maybe there is a height of the originals but they use all kinds of wig “Gadgets” (wit) to make very creative copies that not only imitate but also introduce elements of the place and the person (s) who make them. In the “industry” of art, although to a lesser extent, this happens; Maybe not in big cities, or maybe not for the same reasons. But in San Luis Potosí is a fact that there is a lag and a lack of knowledge about the history of video art and what is thanks to copyright or agreements with large galleries. Video is an artistic movement included in what can be called electronic art. It arises from the consolidation of mass media, and the use of alternative (disobedient) applications and technical applications of electronic media (analog or digital) such as television the video. Video art has a long way in the world artistic scene, mainly in places like United States or Germany; Where at present this has made the retrospective of its 40 years of history. In San Luis Potosí, despite the richness of its cultural offer, the so-called video has been practically out of this scene. It is very small the audience that can be seen in a piece of video art, due to the lack of knowledge of this type of works. And although on the Internet it is relatively easy to trace a little of its history, it is difficult to find it if it is not known in advance that [1] is looking for. This is more accentuated with the pieces that represent the most important of the video art and that are exposed mainly in the galleries of the first world countries and in Mexico only in some cities that have the economic resource and the knowledge. Leaving our state with an access to these works reduced to the Internet and through some exhibitions such as the Center for Art and New Technologies (CANTE), the only space in the state that has led to the creation of an audience that becomes familiar with this type of art This local panorama must be added, as a consequence of the ignorance of this art form, that production Local is very small and the exhibition in “null” galleries. With this project, I re-interpret these works as a way to point out the elements that are their own, and more representative of this medium, in addition to the contextualisation in a specific place such as that of San Luis Potosí, which gives the artist / viewer the possibility of The local production of video art, which in turn tries to encourage the local artist to the incursion in this form of expression. And as a final part, the diffusion in the exhibition in a local gallery of the result of these pieces and the originals; Who wants, for the first time, the video sample inside a local gallery.




Project No. 1 Phase 1 “Infinite Contemplation”


Oriental Philosophy, meditation, the spiritual. In fi nite contemplation.
Video installation.
Object of contemplation contemplates itself generating an infinite loop. Television with closed circuit.

Reference: Nam June Paik – BudaTV

Project No. 2 Phase 1 “Decollage”


The aesthetics of destruction, which seeks to capture the negative and aggressive character of the contemporary world.
Televisions of different sizes and in different positions connected in closed circuit. The televisions transmit the visitor’s face and fragment it into 9 screens.

Reference: Wol Vostell – Décollage


Project No. 3 Phase 1 “Bill on the bridge”


The cycle of life and existence. The Purification. The passage from life to death.
The visitor’s figure is projected suspended in space through a door at the end of the corridor; This image is on fire, covered with fire, simulating the combustion of the individual, after a few moments the fire becomes water, the individual is now simulated totally soaked. And in the end, both fire and water disappear to restart the cycle.

Reference: Bill Viola – The Crossing

Project No. 4 Phase 1 “Peter vs. Peter”


Experimentation with live transmission and visual tricks. Portrait of understanding. Art of watching.
Video installation
TV behind curtain. The simultaneous transmission of front and back of the visitor on a television behind a curtain Play with the possibilities of entering and leaving spying and being spied and experimentation.
The visitor meets the overlapping of his two faces.

Reference: Peter Campus – Three Transitions


Project No. 5 Phase 1 “My disinterest for condemnation”

Happiness. Simplicity. Sensuality. Sexuality. The feminine.
Video installation
Screen under the floor. The visitor can only access the video through a hole in the floor.
Reference: Pipilpotti Rist – Selfless in the Bath of Lava.






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