Center of art and new technology


Here I will show a small part of the works that I did for the center. Unfortunately I can not show everything, since it is a lot of material that has gathered in 13 years, in addition several of the projects and supports for artists are sponsored by galleries or cultural centers and I am not allowed to show them by copyright.







Before coming to Canada, I worked at the Ministry of Culture of San Luis Potosí (México) for 13 years, in a center dedicated to the relationship between art and technology (CANTE).

As the moving images department head in CANTE, I was responsible of organizing and managing theoretical and practical courses, workshops, exhibitions and festivals related to arts and experimental new media. Supporting artist for experimentation and creation of electronic art through video, animation, multimedia and web sites.

I had the opportunity to learn, work, support and experiment with the emergent artist, always learning new possibilities in video, animation, electronic art and multimedia, I also was teaching Video edition, Electronic Art history and Videoart courses as part of the Art and New Media Master offered by CANTE (Center of Arts and New Technology).

When I finish my degree in Graphic Design I made an Internship in CANTE (2003), after I graduated they hired me and I worked for them as department head until the disassembly of the center by the gobern in (2016).


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