11 Compadres

Mural / Graffiti

11 Compadres 11 compadres is a mural made of acrylic on wood placed inside the skate parc of Granby. Thanks to the invitation and support of ATELIER 19. The concept turns around multiculturalism. The mural was part of an event held in the skate park called: The Skateshow of Granby, organized by The Barak last June 3th, 2017.


The mural shows in foreground a skull representing the day of the dead in Mexico, from which, masks of different cultures and times arise. The readings are many but my main objective was to combine the graphic world of skateboard (with monsters and vivid colors) with the idea of identity, culture, family and friendship.



“11 Compadres” is my first mural and it’s really amazing that it was made in Canada! Thanks to Atelier 19 for giving me the opportunity. I’m very proud of it because I did it exactly as I imagined. With total freedom and all by myself, with a small but important participation of my wife (Paola Saldierna) and three girls that do internship in the atelier 19 (Mélissande Lauzon, Laurie Morin and Déa Lepage).


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