Jour de la Terre // Painting Project // Collaboration

Iwould like to start this post explaining how I ended up living in Canada. The adventures we have had experienced since we arrived, and let you know how much I appreciate to have known wonderful people, in order to put you in context of our new beginings. But that will be such a long story and Today what I’m interested in is to tell you about the Jour de la Terre, which is the first eco-artistic event in Granby where I was fortunate to have been invited in to collaborate as a volunteer.

Introducing The Atelier 19

The first thing you need to know is that Francine runs a project called ATELIER 19 and Mélissande is her right hand. It is a super inclusive project: multicultural, multigenerational, etc. whose main objective is to integrate and raise awareness in society about ecological issues, love for the planet, etc. through art. And this is just the starting point.

I appreciate events like this:
Full of


I collaborated as a volunteer, here called bénévole, I must confess that at the beginning I felt like I was not being helpful and I’m still do sometimes, because they are always working so hard but I do my best effort to support them as much as I can. Why such affection?, long story.


Well to cut a long story short, this group welcomed me and supported me without knowing me, without asking anything, without knowing where I came from and even without understand me. (I have to say that for a foreigner who lives in Granby and don’t speak french it’s hard to fit in the community) And I am deeply grateful.

I love to volunteer, and I love to volunteer with art projects focused on community. Je suis heureux!

This is a video I made about the closure event, they did not ask me to make it, but was my way to be thankful.
They told me that I was more like an invited artist not a volunteer, and asked me to collaborate with some sketches for the day of the earth poster, so I made these:

Eart of the day

Day of the earth

They liked my sketches and gave me a canvas to start the poster and I made this poster based in the Picasso’s Clock. The concept was to make conscience about the global warming with the slogan “C’est le temps” Something like “Is time” but also referring to the “temps” of the weather in spanish.
Then they offered me to participate painting live at the event. I have to confess I’m very shy and I sat in a corner because I was a little bit insecure, I was trying to make my sketch but don’t know why it turned in this. I liked but it scares me a little. I have some doubts about the execution but somehow the idea is clear.
C'est le tempes

C’est le tempes!


I ended up very happy with my new friends and new opportunities to integrate into the community. After this project were born several project proposals with them, I hope to have the skills to perform them.

This is my first post in english, my apologies for before.

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